Dermal Fillers Can Be Reversed With Hylenex

Dermal Fillers Can Be Reversed With Hylenex

It sometimes happens that dermal fillers are poorly performed, or the patient isn’t happy with their results. To effectively reverse the result of dermal filler, Hylenex is one way to restore the appearance to how it was before the initial filler treatment. It is an enzyme that dissolves hyaluronic acid (HA) filler, reversing its effect without damaging the skin surface or dermal structure. 

How Does Hylenex Work?

Hylenex is known to be the brand-name version of an enzyme called Hyaluronidase. Correspondingly, hyaluronidase is a protein enzyme that helps break down the hyaluronic acid injected into the skin during dermal filler treatment.

The Hylenex filler reversal treatment separates the molecules in hyaluronic acid and allows the body to reabsorb those molecules. After treatment with Hylenex, the dermal filler treatment results will gradually disappear until the skin has resumed its original appearance. 

If the dermal filler is injected into the cheeks to achieve a fuller and rounder look. Hylenex filler reversal will break down the hyaluronic acid molecules in these areas to reduce plumpness.

What Are Things To Consider Before Getting Hylenex?

Before considering having them reversed, one should consider a few things.

The filler will naturally fade

Dermal filler is not a surgical procedure, and the results will not last forever. The dermal filler will fade over time, and the face will return to how it was before the injections.

Have corrective massages

A nurse practitioner may be able to perform a massage on the filler to correct any lumps or alter the position of the filler. While this will not remove any filler, it can successfully change its appearance. Ensure the nurse practitioner massage the filler or give them instructions on correctly completing the massage.

Removing the dermal fillers

Those who can’t wait for the fillers to fade naturally may wish to explore removing the fillers. Any HA fillers can be either completely or partially removed with a substance known as Hyaluronidase, which will dissolve the HA particles. The patient can either remove all of the filler or reduce the amount if too much was injected initially.

Suppose a patient doesn’t want to have all of the filler removed; it is important to note that the Hyaluronidase may remove too much. If this happens, some more dermal filler may need to be injected until the patient is satisfied with the appearance.

It has a long track record 

Hylenex has a long history of usage to increase the different drug’s absorption on which too much of a drug has been used and injected, and it helps remove it and reduce the damage to the tissue. Since HA became popular as a filler, Hylenex has become essential for the correction of both complications as well as unsatisfactory results. 

What it’s typically used for 

Hylenex is most commonly used to address dissatisfaction with the patient’s filler treatment. As hyaluronic acid fillers become the intersection of science and art, the aesthetic result may not be what the client ultimately likes. While Hylenex can be used for various applications, it is advisable that only certified aestheticians must administer the procedure since they understand its mechanisms, metabolism, and side effects. 

It can solve nodularity 

While there are some instances when HA thickens and creates a lump, direct injection of Hylenex can solve this. Be aware that the Hylenex application may cause some swelling in this instance, so the lump may take a few days to disappear. A firm massage can eradicate some post-treatment lumps.   

It can heal granuloma 

Granuloma typically occurs in response to infection, inflammation, or the presence of a foreign substance. In fact, it is composed of multinucleated giant cells that have a dermal filler injected. In this case, the amount of the filler, some possible impurities, and other properties may cause granuloma. 

In addition, they form from a specific process that includes protein adsorption, macrophage adhesion, macrophage fusion, and crosstalk. Removing these surgically is not the best route since they tend to have poorly defined borders, and the surgery may leave a scar. Hylenex is a better course of action. 

Make sure to get a qualified nurse practitioner

The best thing to do to ensure satisfaction with the initial dermal filler results is to see a qualified, experienced nurse practitioner. Make sure to attend a consultation with the nurse practitioner administering the injections, ask about their experience, and request to see before and after photographs. Additionally, it’s best to learn whether the filler will be HA based or not, to see if it can easily be reversed.

How Long Does It Take For Hylenex To Work?

In general, the Hylenex effect takes about 48 hours and becomes noticeable. Numerous factors will affect the length of time it takes to work, including the type of dermal filler originally used and the number of treatments the patient has had. Some patients who reversed dermal fillers with Hylenex noticed instant results, though it typically takes 24-48 hours for most patients.  

Who Can Get The Hylenex Filler Removal?

The best people for Hylenex are those who were unhappy with the results of dermal fillers and want to look like they did before. Hylenex is also suitable for people who got dermal fillers from someone who wasn’t licensed or trained and now need help from a professional to reverse the effects.

Does Hylenex Filler Removal Hurt?

People who have taken Hylenex often say that it made them feel like they were on fire. But there is no way to stop this feeling but putting ice on the area makes it feel much less painful. Often the Hylenex is mixed with a numbing agent, and people feel fine a few minutes after the procedure.

What Are The Side Effects Of Hylenex Filler Reversal?

Hylenex could cause the following side effects:

  • Swollen hands, feet, or other parts of the body
  • The injection site hurts, swells, itches, or turns red

Only let a nurse practitioner who is board-certified administer the injections. The best way to avoid getting Hylenex injections is to get good filler results first. The results aren’t based on the product but on the injector, so always work with a trusted professional.

The Bottom Line

Despite the high success rate of dermal fillers, there is still a small chance that a patient won’t like the filler results or may react poorly to the product. Beauty Lush Med Spa offers Hylenex, a filler reversal with an enzyme able to dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers if a practitioner has made an error or if the patient is unhappy with their results. Here at Beauty Lush Medspa, we aim to slow down the aging process by providing tailored skin care treatments that prioritize safety, care, and excellence.

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