What Is Hylenex And How Much Hylenex Does It Take To Dissolve Fillers?

What Is Hylenex And How Much Hylenex Does It Take To Dissolve Fillers

Cosmetic procedures are intended to alter the patient’s appearance, most notably through dermal fillers to alter facial contours. Dermal fillers produce positive outcomes for the vast majority of patients. Still, for whatever reason, there are always those who aren’t happy with their new appearance and would like to reverse the procedure. Hylenex filler dissolvers are available because injectables like dermal filler are not an exact science, and various people have varying reactions to the treatment.

When given enough time, dermal fillers, especially those made of hyaluronic acid, naturally break down and disappear. The hyaluronic acid will be gradually broken down and absorbed by your body due to its normal processes and metabolism. Although waiting 6-12 months for them to fade completely may seem like a lifetime, it is necessary.

If you are unhappy with the outcomes and would like to have them changed, you can try using the Hylenex dissolver. When applied to areas with hyaluronic acid, Hylenex speeds up the breakdown process and lowers plumpness in a matter of days. However, is it really as simple as it sounds? 

Learn more about Hylenex and how it may affect you to find out.

What Is Hylenex?

There are many other kinds of hyaluronidase, but we use Hylenex since it comes in a form that is unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction. When using Hylenex to undo fillers, you can’t expect a lot of precision since addressing fillers can be quite complex. Hyaluronic acid fillers have a wide range of dissolve-into-solution concentrations. It’s essential to think about a few things, including:

  • Cross-linked fillers have a higher dissolution barrier.
  • A filler’s dissolution is hindered by how long it has been within the body.
  • Extra doses are required in critical cases.


Purified recombinant human hyaluronidase enzyme is what you’ll find in HYLENEX recombinant. CHO cells harboring a DNA plasmid encoding for a soluble portion of human hyaluronidase are used to produce HYLENEX recombinant (PH20). The purified hyaluronidase glycoprotein has an estimated molecular weight of 61,000 Daltons and comprises 447 amino acids.

Sterile, colorless, transparent, and nonpreserved HYLENEX recombinant is shipped to customers. There are 150 USP units of recombinant human hyaluronidase in every milliliter, along with 8.5 milligrams of sodium chloride, 1.4 milligrams of dibasic sodium phosphate, 1 milligram of human albumin, 1.5 milligrams of L-methionine, 0.2 milligrams of polysorbate 80, and hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide to adjust the pH.

The osmolality of HYLENEX recombinant ranges from about 280 to about 340 mOsm/kg, and its pH is around 7.0.

How It Works

Hyaluronidase catalyzes the hydrolysis of hyaluronan, the primary component of hyaluronic acid, into smaller fragments. This enzyme belongs to the proteolytic enzyme class.

The degradation of hyaluronic acid occurs in three stages: hydrolysis, fragmentation, and degradation. First, the hyaluronic acid molecules hydrolyze, releasing their bonds. This results in pieces small enough to be further broken down by other enzymes or mechanical means. Hyaluronic acid is made up of monosaccharide chains bonded together via phosphodiester linkages.

Short chains of simple sugars, 3-deoxy-d-glucuronosyl units, and 4-deoxy glucuronate are what remain when hyaluronic acid is destroyed. Once they are sufficiently diluted, the body can break down and absorb them.


Hylenex procedures typically only take about five minutes and are painless. When used with Hylenex, lidocaine relieves pain and numbs the affected area for roughly 30 minutes. Throughout the United States, lidocaine can be found in every hospital. Replacement filler can be injected anywhere from three days to six weeks apart, depending on the area being treated. After three days, additional injections might be administered if more treatment is required.

Before taking the treatment:

  • Remember to tell your doctor, pharmacist, and dentist that you’re taking Hylenex.
  • The plasma from human donors is used to make Hylenex. It undergoes inspection, analysis, and treatment before delivery.
  • Let us know if you are expecting or are trying to conceive.
  • If you are breastfeeding, please let us know.


Hyaluronidase’s degradation of dermal fillers’ hyaluronic acid will take some time to show visible effects. While this may seem like a long time, it pales compared to the time it takes for hyaluronic acid to do its job and generate volume. Hyaluronic acid degrades at a far higher rate and with much less effort than your body produces.

After hyaluronidase injection, the degradation process begins within a day or two, and the results can be felt immediately. It has a brief half-life of two minutes, but its effects wear down rapidly over time so that you may see lesser impact two days after injection.

Because swelling can mask various symptoms, some patients may be disheartened to discover that their condition is more complicated than they initially realized. As the swelling goes down over the next few days, we should start seeing improvements in the next couple of days.

The Level of Efficacy May Vary

Hyaluronidase is effective in most cases, although every filler is unique. There are a variety of fillers, each with its unique composition; some have built up over time, some may have integrated deeply into skin tissue, and some may even exist in places we can’t see. If you’re having these sorts of problems, you may need more than one session to get through them.

A skin lump may go undetected until it develops into a bigger nodule or a broad filler region. In such instances, the filler eventually crumbles into detectable fragments. As a bonus, the body’s natural hyaluronic acid is impacted, rather than the older, built-up dermal filler.

Extra Caution Is Required

Your doctor will likely use hyaluronidase because it works well, but they will still need caution. As you go through the process with your physician, they will pay close attention to how your body responds and offer recommendations for the next phase depending on what they see.

Your healthcare professional will decide how long of a treatment course you require. The results, dangers, benefits, and manageability of treatment, as well as your satisfaction, will all be factored in.

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